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Archive for May 2008


Smashing new fonts

If you’re bored of your fonts, checkout this blog post from Smashing Magazine. This is a poster for a experimental performance installation. The main lettering is based on PF Beau Sans.

dj sniff got some insane shit going on

12/13/2007 dj sniff at Turntable Music Night vol.3 at STEIM, Amsterdam/NL
Some insane shit by dj sniff (Takuro Mizuta Lippit). He currently works at STEIM’s (Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music, Amsterdam) R&D lab as the Artistic Co-Director. dj sniff regularly performs with computer musician Yutaka Makino as Audile and with saxophonist Keir Neuringer.

if the video doesn’t play try this link

Final Product // ATTIGO TT: Mixing with Touch Tables

Final Product // ATTIGO TT from Scott Hobbs on Vimeo. Hobbs uses Max, a visual programming language for music, audio and multimedia.

Bacon on a stick with French Fries on the Back

French fries attached to the bacon with thick corndog batter. Ok, now my arteries feel sick. [Via Last Appetite]

Hillary’s assignation comments are scary

She’s toast!

Scott Hansen’s Obama poster for sale

“I see Barack Obama as a leader who can inspire people to effect change and who himself can effect change. As an artist, it was only natural for me to want to create something that visually echoed these sentiments. I wanted to create an image that evoked the ideals I feel are central to our needs at this critical time in history: change, progress and hope. Because Barack Obama represents all three of these things to me, I felt compelled to express that through my work.”

Scott Hansen

Buy it now! $70 and all proceeds go to the Obama campaign

Luchador Collab-o-Mask…Get yours while you can

Peat Wollaeger, an exceptional raw stencil artist, mailed wrestler masks made of wood to various artists and asked them to paint their style in to the background of the mask. These are a few of my favorites and they can be yours too—go to Stensoul.com!

Grand Theft Auto IV: Vladivostok FM

Eastern European hip hop, rock and pop from Grand Theft Auto IV: Vladivostok FM.

GTA IV Illustrations

I’ve always loved the illustration work for GTA! You can also download wallpapers and other GTA IV paraphernalia.

Handy Signs

Handy Signs
Steve Powers
24” x 30”
Limited edition of 250 signed and numbered by the artists.

mo design

mo music

mo shit